IGNOU MAAE - Master of Arts in Adult Education Course & Syllabus

Saturday, 15 December 2012

IGNOU MAAE - Master of Arts in Adult Education

IGNOU MAAE programme is meant for both in-service and pre-service graduates. The objectives of the programme are To develop in the students the national and international perspective of various aspects of theory and practice of adult education.To upgrade their knowledge and understanding of policies and programmes of adult, continuing and extension education, and development and welfare, among others.

Master of Arts in Adult Education (MAAE)
Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 5 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 10,000
Minimum Age: No bar 
Maximum Age: No bar 
The minimum qualification required for admission to this programme is Bachelor’s Degree from any recognised University/Institute. To start with, not more than 100 students will be admitted/ allotted to each Programme Study Centre per year. If the number of applicants is more, the admission will be done based on merit in their Bachelor’s Degree. Other things being equal, those with higher qualification and/or those working in the field of adult education and related fields may be given preference over others.

IGNOU MAAE - Master of Arts in Adult Education Syllabus

CourseCode    Course NameCredits 
 MAE-001 Understanding Adult Education 6
 MAE-002 Policy Planning and implementation of Adult Education in India 6
 MAE-003 Knowledge Management, Information Dissemination and Networking in Adult Education 6
 MES-016 Educational Research 6
 MAEL- 001 Practical Work Components 10
 I Community-based Practical Activities 2
 II Workshop-based Practical Activities 3
 III Adult Education Training Centre /Institution-based Practical Activities 5
 MAE-004 Extension Education and Development 6
 MAE-005 Population and Development Education 6
 MAEE-001 Sustainable Development 6
 MESE-06 Open and Distance Learning Systems 6
 MAEE-002 Basics of Legal Awareness 6
 MESE- 06 Vocational Education 6
 MAEE-003 Comparative Adult Education: International Perspective 6
 MAEP-001 Dissertation Work 10


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