IGNOU MAPD- MA in Participatory Development Course & Syllabus

Friday, 14 December 2012

IGNOU MAPD- MA in Participatory Development

IGNOU MAPD enable critical analyses of development models, policies, processes and implementation. To strengthen understanding of the concept and practice of participatory development. To develop knowledge and skills for managing development projects and programmes in a participatory manner. To provide opportunities to experience the process of participation in development and governance interventions.To strengthen understanding of key elements of managing development organisations.

MA in Participatory Development (MAPD)
Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 4 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 6,250
Minimum Age: No bar 
Maximum Age: No bar 
Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline.
Note: Fees is per semester

IGNOU MAPD- MA in Participatory Development Syllabus

CourseCode    Course NameCredits 
 MDS- 001 Understanding Participatory Development 6
 MDS- 002 Development Policies and Programmes 6
 MDS- 003 Democratic Governance and Civil Societ 6
 MDS- 004 Securing Participation in Development 6
 MDS- 005 Participatory Project Management 6
 MDSL-006 Field work 6
 MDS-007 Legal and Regulatory Frameworks of Development Organisations 6
 MDS-008 Management of Development Organisations 6
 MDS-009 Management of Financial Resources 6
 MDS-010 Communications 6
 MDS-011 Research Methodology 6
 MDSP-012 Project W

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