IGNOU BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications Course & Syllabus

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

IGNOU BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications

IGNOU BCA programme is to open a channel of admission for computing courses for students, who have done the 10+2 and are interested in taking computing/IT as a career. After acquiring the Bachelor’s Degree (BCA) at IGNOU, there is further educational opportunity to go for an MCA at IGNOU or Master’s Programme at any other University/Institute.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
Minimum Duration: 3 Years
Maximum Duration: 6 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 4,600
Minimum Age: No bar 
Maximum Age: No bar 
10+2 or its equivalent.
Course Fee: 
Rs. 4,600/- For Ist Semester(Rs. 100 in addition to Rs. 4,500 as Registration charges) and Rs. 4,500/- Per Semester for Second Semester Onwards( See Common Prospectus for latest update)

IGNOU BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications Syllabus

First Semester

CourseCode    Course NameCredits 
 FEG-02 Foundation course in English -2 4
 ECO-01 Business Organization 4
 BCS-011 Computer Basics and PC Software 3
 BCS-012 Mathematics 4
 BCSL-013 Computer Basics and PC Software Lab 2

Second Semester

CourseCode    Course NameCredits 
 ECO-02 Accountancy-1 4
 MCS-011 Problem Solving and Programming 3
 MCS-012 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming 4
 MCS-015 Communication Skills 2
 MCS-013 Discrete Mathematics 2
 BCSL-021 C Language Programming Lab 1
 BCSL-022 Assembly Language Programming Lab 1

Third Semester

CourseCode    Course NameCredits 
 MCS-021 Data and File Structures 4
 MCS-023 Introduction to Database Management Systems 3
 MCS-014 Systems Analysis and Design 3
 BCS-031 Programming in C++ 3
 BCSL-032 C++ Programming Lab 1
 BCSL-033 Data and File Structures Lab 1
 BCSL-034 DBMS Lab 1

Fourth Semester

CourseCode    Course NameCredits 
 BCS-040 Statistical Techniques 4
 MCS-024 Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming 3
 BCS-041 Fundamentals of Computer Networks 4
 BCS-042 Introduction to Algorithm Design 2
 MCSL-016 Internet Concepts and Web Design 2
 BCSL-043 Java Programming Lab 1
 BCSL-044 Statistical Techniques Lab 1
 BCSL-045 Algorithm Design Lab 1

Fifth Semester

CourseCode    Course NameCredits 
 BCS-051 Introduction to Software Engineering 3
 BCS-052 Network Programming and Administration 3
 BCS-053 Web Programming 2
 BCS-054 Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques 3
 BCS-055 Business Communication 2
 BCSL-056 Network Programming and Administration Lab 1
 BCSL-057 Web Programming Lab 1
 BCSL-058 Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques Lab 1

Sixth Semester

CourseCode    Course NameCredits 
 BCS-062 E-Commerce 2
 MCS-022 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management 4
 BCSL-063 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Lab 1
 BCSP-064 Project 8


  1. I want to pursue BCA from IGNOU.
    In class 12th I did not have Math in Science Group. (Physics,Chemistry,Computer Science)
    So, Do I need to take Math in BCA?
    Without Math can I pursue BCA from IGNOU?
    (As per your university rules and regulations those students have maths not need to give a paper of CS-60)

    Want to know more about above highlighted rules.

    and Most Important, As this is Distance Learning so Will I get help from study center like Teaching, Practical,etc
    and Do I need to take any extra teacher for this course or IGNOU study material is sufficient? Plz mail me at (bibhaskar2010@gmail.com)

  2. i have submitted my form for bca this year in june but unable to know if i have got admission there is no news i'v tried to contact but they dont pick up the phone....and will i receive books through post or il hav to receive it from the office

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